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tv   Action News  ABC  November 6, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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like the new $1 million peppermint payout. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ >> breaking right now, the woman who was kidnapped from a germantown street was released from the hospital. >> meanwhile, the man accused of taking her is behind bars this morning and we're learning more about the moment he was captured. we have live team coverage. >> don't forget your umbrella today. this thursday is getting off to a soggy start and that could make for a tough commute. >> good morning, 5:30,could
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november 6. let's get over to the people who can help you out, david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: i'll tell you it is soggy start, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you what future tracker showed you yesterday, we have some breaks, but they are few and far between. we have some indication of steadier rain pushing through lancaster and reading with a little bit yellow showing through the green. not a lot of this pounding rain, but it still messes up your morning commute. we have rain out to the we have the. there's general drying farther to the west. after we get past 9:10 we'll get into a pattern of gray and damp with occasional showers, but not widespread rain across the region right now. it's cool as you step outside. 46 in allentown, 54 in sea isle city.
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as we head out the door looks like it will remain wet between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 with rain around 50 to 51 degrees, so staying cool, as well. as we roll to school, another project is due today apparent. storm tracker 6 live on your smart phone, 51 degrees by 8:00. future tracker 6 getting you through the rain and windy conditions tomorrow, i'll have that in the seven day, karen. >> reporter: all right, dave we've got a wet ride and wet leaves on the road and with the close-up view you can see the rain in penns landing. we have the ponding and puddling on the roads, as well. let's look at the ben franklin bridge. the road is wet, take the down as you head over the area bridges.
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we have problems with mass transit. septa airport line is suspended. amtrak is having switching problems it's affecting mass transit. with the wet roads you can get accidents like this new jersey turnpike overturned tractor-trailer. stick with 295 which is moving smoothly with speeds in the 50s and 60s matt an tam. >> got you, karen. thank you. breaking right now, the woman who was kidnapped in germantown on sunday has been reunited with her family. >> the man accused of taking her is in jail. we have team coverage, walter perez is live in maryland where freeland was found. >> we begin live with katherine scott where freeland's family lives. >> reporter: that's right,
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carlesha freeland-gaither arrived safe and sound, family members said they were relieved and thankful that carlesha freeland-gaither is back home safe. "action news" was at the hospital last night, as you can see the parents emerge after being reunited with their daughter in maryland after she was discovered. police say 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither was general doing okay, but she did have injuries not to mention the psychologic trauma involved. her family stood with investigators last night to announce that she was found safe in jessup, maryland after the violent abduction that was caught on surveillance green streets in germantown. police have been working with federal authorities to try to find her, her cows spoke to us saying -- her cousin spoke to us and they are overjoyed that shes safe. >> everybody came through, we worked as a team.
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>> family, all of us, you hope, you hope, you hope. but you don't know until you get her and make sure thshes okay. >> reporter: -- that she is okay. focus for the family is helping to begin to heal. >> meanwhile, the suspect is in custody in maryland. we're learning how the officer spotted him and brought him in. walter perez continues our coverage live from jessup, maryland. good morning, walter. >> reporter: hi, tam, abc confirming there was a struggle when law enforcement responded to this parking lot right here behind me, it was a bad situation and the victim was very distraught suddenly -- as you would imagine.
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according to the pennsylvania board of probation and parol 37-year-old delvin barns has served prison time for three separate crimes. this is video of him back in 2005 after he served the maximum for aggravated assault. he was released from his most recent prison term a year ago this month. his uncle says he has a background that's disturbing to say the least. >> the viciousness of it, i'm not surprised. >> reporter: the missing person case involving carlesha freeland-gaither came to a dramatic conclusion after these atf agents responded to a tip about this car massachusetts matching the description -- owe matching the description of delvin barns vehicle. the crew surrounded the vehicle and took barns down while bringing carlesha freeland-gaither to safety. >> the woman was relieved that
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law enforcement was on scene, once she had time to process what had occurred she was emotionally distraught. >> reporter: meantime, barns is being held on a schiew -- a slew of charges including warrants out of virginia and attempted murder and abduction. abc is reporting another of his victims said he abducted her and held her for two days and showed her photos of other women he allegedly abducted. much more on this story coming up over the next few days. reporting live from jessup maryland, walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> stay with "action news" for continuing coverage of this incredible story. you can see all the news conferences at, we have a slide show of pictures. >> a former aid of chaka fattah has pleaded guilty in a wire fraud conspiracy. it goes back to his failed run
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for mayor in 2007. he arranged an illegal contribution to the campaign. he is the second if fattah advir to plead guilty to the scheme. fattah is referred to as elected official a but has not been charged. the aid has agreed to cooperate with the investigation as part of his plea. >> storm tracker 6 live is covered in green. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live is still covered in green. there's a break to the south that's on the move. there's more rain coming in from behind it and over dover and parts of the delaware bay and cumberland and gloucester counties may be getting a break. most of the rain is highlighted in lighter shades of green, you'll see dark out toward reading and lancaster and heading toward berks county. generally speaking it is a wet
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morning even if it isn't a super driving rain. we'll leaf cover on the roads. sky6 live hd looking at the platt bridge. obviously that road is wet. you want to slow it down and add a little extra time to your commute. it's cool, the temperature is 50 degrees, cool enough to get the heated seat feature going on the car. i like that. dewpoint, 46 degrees. the winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. winds across the region are running in the single digits in most spots. notice you how the wind is coming in off the ocean and spinning back toward the northwest. we're getting a counter clockwise flow around this, and they will push southeast and due east later on as the low slides out to sea. at the end of the rush hour it looks wet with the very least on and off steady to moderate rain.
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later in the morning and in the afternoon we transition to gray skies and spotty showers. and later in the afternoon, more significant showers could pop up. and 10:00, 11:00 we're beginning to dry out and cecily and adam will have more on that on channel 17 and 6abc respectively. we're looking at at a half inch to an inch of rain. as we go through the day we're looking at cool conditions. the high of 60 hits around 2:00. in the 50s otherwise at times damp. the high temperatures across the region show a range. we'll only get up to 55 in in allentown an 60 in cape may and philadelphia, everybody else pretty much in between. future tracker 6 picking up the story tomorrow. tomorrow will be a mix of clouds and sun and afternoon shower. the big story on future tracker. look at the wind gusts through
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the day. we could see gusts of 30 or higher. it will be bluster and cool tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. today's high, 60, cloudy skies, rain in the morning and on and off showers the rest of the day and evening. some of them could pop up on the heavy side. tomorrow, windy a shower in the afternoon, briefly. the big story is the shower and cooler wind, 555 is the high. saturday, sun to clouds, 50 is the high. sunday, clouds to sun, and 5 is the high. the coastal storm is so far out to sea, to the rain stays out to sea. for the eagles, 56 degrees and veterans day better. >> cleanup is underway after this water main break. take a look at that, that flooded a philadelphia street and a lot of people are without
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water. >> an suv disbursements lunchtime down south. >> reporter: this is the
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5:44, atlantic city, new jersey, live on sky 6 where it is raining everywhere right now. >> which means just about everywhere with the leavesow. especially on the roads, karen,
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it can be traffic trouble. >> reporter: as i was passing my local streets, the leaves were wet and slippery. time to check the suburban traffic report live in delaware county. i-95 what a gloomy start to the day, you're moving okay, but it's slow of we have the ponding and puddling on the roads. this is i-95 northbound traffic coming out of the delaware heading toward the blue route. we have a fire location gravel pike route 29 avoid the area stick to 6th street. that fire location causing an issue. the other fire in west philadelphia look for that, partially blocking peach street near master street. normally we see speeds well in the 50s, we're looking at the 40s for the most part, people wisely saying you know what it's
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wet out there you've got to take it easy. airport line suspended between 30th street station and the airport terminal. amtrak is having switching problems. storm tracker 6 live double scan the rain is soaking the region. you're seeing a hole near atlantic city right now, other than that the rain all over the region. a little bit heavier to the west near lancaster where you're seeing that area of yellow. all the roads are wet. temperatures wise, 49 degrees. the steadiest rain is occurring during the morning commute. >> people in frankford will lose water service once again as crews make repairs on broken water mains that flooded the street. a 16-inch and 8-inch main broke sending all the water out on to the roads. workers got the water running again, overnight, but today they will have to shut it back off
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again while they make more permanent repairs. roads are closed in the area until the work is done. >> state police released details about what eric frein had with him while he was on the run. 100 items were recovered from the abandoned best of my hangar. he had 200 rounds of amunition and five magazines. he had a propane stove bags of rice, beans and maps and candles and survival gear. >> brand new this morning, the drummer of the rock band ac/dc is accused of arranging the murder of two people in new zealand. phil rudd was in court this morning. investigators have not said who he wanted killed or why he
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wanted them killed. he is scheduled to be back in court later this month. take a look at this video it shows an suv that slammed into a glass window in a packed restaurant in houston. people were hurt, but most injuries were minor. police say the driver was backing into a parking spot, and accidently hit the gas instead of the brakes. >> a man killed his girl friend and followed the murder with another gruesome act this one online. david. >> reporter: it's cool this morning, we have rain gear on the kids and sweatshirts. we're rooting for rowan university as the college for the morning. tile have the day-park forecast next.
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it toward the end of the week, we've got this rainy commute. thanks a lot.
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let's go outside, this is i-95 at cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city. we have ponding and puddling not a major problem on i-95, but slower than you would normally see at this early hour. south jersey and delaware, the majors are traveling in the 60s, i would take it down a notch with the roads being so wet. >> reporter: and receiving early and allowing for extra time. we have an area of slightly steady precipitation that's pushing toward towards berks county and chester county, as well. we have breaks in the action down in south jersey. even here the roads are wet as we had overnight rain for the last several hours. 59 degrees by 9:00. in upper 40s. 56 by noon. 60 is the high today at 3:00. we'll actually sit on that between 2 and 3:00. 56 by 6:00. most of steady rain is in the
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morning and spotty showers in the evening after that, tam. >> country music had its big night in nashville and our own alicia vitarelli was there on the red carpet to take it in. alicia found everybody shining brightly on the red carpet. >> it's been a busy year but this is something we look forward to every year in our hometown. >> it's very cool. you can feel the energy happen. we're still star struck, too. >> the cmas were hosted by carrie underwood and brad paisley. miranda lambert was a big winner, took home four trophies including album of the year. luke brian took the big award and so stunned and grateful winning entertainer of the year. >> congrats to all. >> brand new details are coming
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up on how a single tip how investigators found and rescued carlesha freeland-gaither new details ahead in a live report at 6:00 a.m. ♪ ♪
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like the new $1 million peppermint payout. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ fousugar. only six?ns. six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy! ghirardelli squares peppermint bark.zvous ♪ rich chocolate layers and festive peppermint. a ghirardelli original. ♪ a little reward for all the things you do ♪ get them before they disappear. >> welcome back taking a live look across penns landing. we're dealing with rain this morning, stay with 6abc for help with accuweather and your commute. happening today, ray rice is expected to testify during what is the second day of his
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appeal to try to get back into the nfl. rice showed up with the arbitration hearing holding hands with his wife. he was suspended foray attacker her at an atlantic city casino. today ray and and his wife are expected to testify, both separately. >> a jury has awarded $124 million to the daughter of a penn professor who was convicted of killing his wife. she and her mother's families sued for the millions of dollars the relatives believe he has invested. he is serving a prison sentence for her murder. police arrested a man who told said killed his girlfriend
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and posted her pictures online. he beat and strangled his girlfriend in washington state, posted her pictures online. he has a criminal history that includes conviction for assault. popular demand means 6abc zoo balloon will remain a fixture of the philadelphia skyline. the current one is a rental which replaced the previous snow-ravaged balloon which will be returned later this month. the new balloon will arrive this spring season. 6abc has been a proud supporter of the zoo. the iconic 6abc zoo balloon. we'll get a check on weather and soggy morning commute. >> a local police chief's son is going to trial. it is what's accused of doing to undercover cops that has him in trouble.
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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, november 6 and breaking this morning. >> a kidnapping victim reunites with her family overnight. we have live team coverage on the rescue of carlesha freeland-gaither including who her family sailed helped bring the story to a happy ending. >> accuweather is busy this morning tracking the rain moving across the area it could have an impact on your morning commute. >> a local grocery store chain is closing down by the end of the year leaving hundreds without a job. >> let's look at accuweather we have david murphy outside in the weather. karen rogers is looking at the


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